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Pumpkin Walnut Protein Bread

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 17 | Total Body Heavy Takeover!

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 16 | Heavy Weight Mass & Horsepower

What does it take to finish the Ultra Beast?

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 15 | Medium Weights – Annihilation!

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 14 | Heavy Weights – Muscle Breakdown!

What is the Death Race? | In depth coverage | PART 3

What is the Death Race? | In depth coverage | PART 2

What is the Death Race? | In depth coverage | PART 1

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 13 | Lighten the Load!

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 12 | Raising The Bar!

Pecan Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 11 | Triple Giant Sets

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 10 | Unilateral Training!

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 9

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 8

2 Delicious Thanksgiving Treats

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 7 | Medium Weights Smash!

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 6

VPX Pumpkin Pie French Toast | Recipe

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 5 | Heavy Overhaul!

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 4

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 3

USA TODAY, Consumer Reports -- Conspirators in mass Fraud and Deception

Dave’s Heavy Hittin’ MASS GAINING Nutrition Plan: Daily Blueprint

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 2

Pumpkin Spice Protein Muffins | Recipe

Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 1!

7 Tips for an OCR Obstacle-cation! – Part 2

7 Tips for an OCR Obstacle-cation! – Part 1

Gluten & Dairy Free Banana Pancakes | Recipe

Give Powerlifting a Chance!

Bonking - What is it and how to avoid it!

Mashed Potatoes without the Guilt! | Recipe

Strawberry Delight! Delicious Guilt Free Pancakes

7 Fitness Myths DEBUNKED!

Fast 5 - a Super Peptide Powerhouse

Double Chocolate Chip Pancakes Recipe

Muscle Damage and Ways to Prevent It

Quad Chocolate Protein Muffins Recipe

Tips to Introduce First Timers to OCR

VPX Chicken Molé Recipe

The Northeast SUCK Review (Spoiler Alert)

BATTLEFROG Series, Atlanta (Review)

Weight Training: F.R.F.S.O – Failure, Rest, Form, Squeeze, And Overload

Toasty Protein Pastry Recipe

Interval Training vs. Steady State Aerobic Cardio | Are you driving a Hemi or a Hybrid?

Coconut Peanut Butter Protein Bites

Pack Your Snacks - 10 Snacks Perfect for OCR

4 Must-Have Skills for Your First Obstacle Race

Running Mountain Trails 101

High Protein Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

Everyone has a Weakness!

Bodyweight Training and OCR - Effectiveness and Injury Prevention

Pick Up Your Trash!

Protein Brownies Recipe

6 Tips to Survive an Injury Setback

Three Successful Race Preparation Habits

Race Recovery the Right Way

Valentine's Cookies | Protein Graham Cracker Cookies Recipe

The Week Before Race Day: 3 Nutrition Tips to Excel!

High Protein Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe

Comfort Zone - Workout Motivation

Apple Raisin Muffin Recipe

Protein Peanut Butter Ginger Cookies Recipe

Channeling Your Inner Badass: 5 Ways to Improve Mental Toughness

Protein Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe

The Joy of Running Free

Rock Climbing - An Upper Body Strength Workout

Gluten Free Paleo Pizza Crust Recipe


Pumpkin Protein Shake Recipe

VPX Funfetti Protein Cupcakes | Recipe

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) - If I Can You Can | Inspiring & Motivating Stories

Overtraining Syndrome

Taking Back the “OCR” (Obscene Cost of Racing!) - Tips to Save You Money

The Importance of High Protein Diets in Patients with End Stage Kidney Disease on Dialysis

Fuel the Fire - 4 Tips to Stay Determined!

Temperature Training for OCRs – Part 2

Temperature Training for OCRs – Part 1

Injured vs. Hurt

So You Want To Run An Obstacle Race!!

Rehab a Lateral Ankle Sprain

Cinnamon & Nutmeg Spiced Plantain Slices Recipe (Paleo)

High Protein Banana Bread Recipe

Why Whey Protein Post-Workout?

3 Tips for Starting a Social Exercise Plan

Think Before You Drink…

Take Control of Your Weight with Nutrient Timing

Have Your Muscles Stopped Growing? Want to Know Why?

5 Must Have Foods on any Bodybuilders Grocery List

5 Tips to Burn Fat on the Road

4 Easy Ways to Cut Calories

Rid Stubborn Fat for Good – Evaluate Your Diet to Break Through Your Plateau!

How to Perform a Proper Bench Press – Find Your Groove

Happy Taste Buds – Protein Pudding!

Midnight Snacking Desires & Destruction!

3 Ab Exercises w/ Variations for a Defined 6-Pack!

Whey Protein vs. Casein Protein: Which is Better?

10 Essentials for Every Gym-Goer

Melt Your Muffin Top & Burn Stubborn Fat!

5 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

3 Simple Changes for a Healthier Lifestyle

Protein Pancake Recipe - Build Muscle & Fight Unhealthy Evening Snacking

10 Commonly Used Workout Excuses

Are Genetically Modified Organisms Safe?

Marc’s End of Phase 2 Results - Mental & Muscle Gains

Mom Was Right Again... Eat Breakfast

How Long Should You Workout?

Drink Yourself Healthy! Green Tea

Marc's Amazing Phase 1 Results!

Metabolize with Magnesium

Don't Forget to Breathe!

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seeds

Maximize Fat Burning - Fuel up before or after Cardio?

Red Wine & Dark Chocolate

How to reach your 2013 fitness goals!

Burn more calories for your New Year’s Resolution!

Is there a cure for the common cold?

3 Phases of Plyometric Training

TRX Bands – Do they live up to all the hype?

EPOC – Increase calories burned AFTER the gym

Performance Benefits of Beta-Alanine

Stretching 101

Exercise Induced Asthma

Obesity - A Growing Problem


Advanced German Volume Training - FREAKY BACK

Hydration for Athletes - How much water is enough?

Do’s and Don’ts When You’re Stressed, Tired and Feel like Crap

German Volume Training – Beginner’s Approach

Home Grown - Triceps

Who is the ‘Fittest’ NFL Running Back?

5 Reasons for an AM Workout

How Healthy Are You?

10 Workout Excuses – Shut Up & Do It!

Life Happens – Stay Motivated!

Ultimate Summer Guide to Training GLUTES!

Do you want FREAKY LEGS?

How Healthy is Your Salad?

Increase Endurance with CARBONX®

No Carb Diets – Do they Work?

Top 5 Rules to get FLAT ABS for Summer! BONUS Ab Workout

Ease Your Mind with Yoga in 5 Minutes

5 Ways to Use Virgin Coconut Oil

The Silent Killer – High Blood Pressure

5 Myths about Weight Training and Losing Weight!

THYROVEX™ - New VPX Product

How your Thyroid helps you burn FAT

3 Workout Motivation Tips – Featuring a Power List

How to Build Muscle While You Sleep

5 Foods you should Eat Everyday!

Get up and GO!!

Are you Sick and Tired of Cardio?


TOP 5 Reasons to stay IN for dinner!

Stay in Shape on Valentine’s Day!

Manage Stress with a Massage

Boost Your Immune System With Antioxidants!

HIIT Training - Burn Fat and Gain Muscle Simultaneously

New Year, New Healthier YOU!

Burn Fat on the Road

Avoid Packing on Pounds During the Holidays

10 Excuses You Should Never Give for Skipping Exercise

Have Your Muscles Stopped Growing?

3 Tips for Easier Dieting and Improved Health

Reduce Muscle Soreness and Get Back in the Gym!

Sugar versus Artificial Sweeteners: The Great Debate

Supplementation for Athletic Excellence

Improper Hydration Can Lead to Water Fatality!

10 Essentials for Every Gym-Goer

Eat to Gain Muscle, not Fat!

Proper Pre-Workout Nutrition

The Top Five Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

Truth in Performance: the Benefits of Caffeine

The Importance of Catching your Zzzz's

The Cost of Obesity to your Health

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth without Sabotaging your Diet!

Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Recovery

Amino Acids for Muscle, Health, and the Mind

Consume more Fiber in your Diet or get Colon Cancer and DIE!!!

Why Whey Protein?

How to Avoid Giving in to those Sinful Cravings

The Importance of Post-Workout Carbs for Recovery (Part 2)

3 Small Changes for Healthier Living

5 Easy Ways to Cut Calories

The Importance of Post-Workout Carbs for Recovery

Eat to Stay Hydrated!

Knock Catabolism Out With These Post-Workout Recovery Tips

Rid Stubborn Fat for Good – Break Through Your Plateau!

Abs You Could Wash Your Clothes On!

Five Tips to Keep You Lean and Trim Year-Round

Want Boulders for Shoulders

6 Must Have Foods at the top of any Bodybuilders Grocery List

Burn that stubborn fat stuck to your love handles


Consumption of dark chocolate may reduce blood pressure!

Take Control of Your Weight

Want a set of chiseled 6-pack abs?

3 months on the VPX NO-Shotgun/Synthesize Stack

How much protein can the body digest?

Creatine Monohydrate Supplementation and Kids

Creatine – the Best Supplement Period!

The Effects of Eating Late at Night

What separates REDLINE Energy drink apart


Muscle Profiling - Can looking big get you arrested?

The Double Barrel Biceps Blast!

VPX/Redline’s 2nd Annual Science Summit

Coco Fit an alternative to overloaded sugar beverages!



Leg Days in the 80s. We all went to World Gym...


Team Redline Xtreme Show Car Tour


VPX/REDLINE ON ESPN’S E60 Tonight at 7pm est.

The Secret to Unlimited Muscle Growth


2010 Olympia Weekend Expo

Frequent small feedings of creatine rock!

Look Only to the Needle - Anabolic Steroid Alert!

Fat Burning Foods

Creatine helps more than just muscle

Protein is bone friendly, here is how!

Whey Protein vs. Casein Protein: Which is Better?

Fish oil proves to be extremely healthy and beneficial

VPX Supplements in Ben Affleck's new movie "THE TOWN"

The Most Intense Muscle Building Pre-Workout Matrix has arrived!

EAAs Build Muscle and HELP your Brain TOO!

Actress, Lindsay Lohan Gets 90 Days in Jail - NO REDLINE O'H NO!

Hemopressin an appetite suppressant helps you say no to junk food!

Low Dose Creatine Fights Fatigue

Drinking Cerveza After Exercise Is Bad For Muscle Recovery

VPX 2010 Perfect 10 Challenge Winners



Fish Oil is Anti-Catabolic

Arginine reduces fat mass? velly intelesting...

Leucine and KIC promotes protein gain in little porkers

Want to Build Muscle? Go to Sleep!

3 Easy Tips to Build Muscle

What's a Thermogenic?

High Protein Pancakes, an Anabolic way to start your day!

Makes ya tingle...and it works too!

Use Stealth Lean Muscle Gainer After You Train for Anabolic Drive

VPX/Redline Beats Monster Energy In Court

Even if you aren't a sports fan, this is interesting. NBA or NFL?

What’s a thermogenic?

Fiber and Weight Loss

VPX/Redline® Ultimate Sports Expo

McCain Withdraws Dietary Supplement Safety Act

Bisphenol A levels in cans triggers call for ban

VPX/Redline rolling into the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Fitness Expo

VITA-SCARE 2010: The McCain Assault on Vitamins and Supplements


A High Protein Diet With Resistance Exercise Training Improves Weight Loss And Body Composition In Overweight And Obese Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

PROTEIN The sine qua non of Muscle-Building

Jack Owoc’s Real White Paper! Muscle Marinade Madness

Post Workout Nutrition - Better than Breakfast!

Zero Carb High Protein Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe

Proud To Be a MILF - Mother In Love with Fitness

Food for Sex - Three Food Factors for Sexual Fitness

Train the Love Muscle

The Metabolic Role of Tetradecylthioacetic Acid (TTA)

VPX Sports Nutrition Supplements and Creatinol-O-Phosphate (COP)

REDLINE Xtreme® Energy Drink

The Science Behind VPX NO-SHOTGUN MHF 1

VPX Meltdown - Most Powerful & University Researched Fat Burner Ever!

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