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Burn that stubborn fat stuck to your love handles

Posted by VPX Sports on May 26, 2011 4:25:00 PM

Losing that extra fatSummer is here and you want to show off the hot body you’ve been working so hard to build but there is only one problem, you have yet to get rid of the stubborn fat that is stuck to your love handles and holding on for dear life. You can do one of two things: strip to your skivvies and hit the beaches anyway with your muffin top hanging over your suit, or you can add a few more ingredients into the mix and change things up a bit.  Fat burners really do work when you use them correctly and can be the missing piece to your fat loss puzzle.

#1 Increased Energy Level
To burn more calories than you were previously burning, you’ve got to increase the intensity and duration of your cardio sessions and workouts.  The addition of Redline® Xtreme RTD is a delicious, zero calorie energy drink designed to increase your energy levels, increase focus and stamina, without causing that oh-so-terrible jittery feeling you get when taking other energy beverages.  Straight from the REDLINE producer, "VPX understands your need to take fat loss to a new level and your craving to get that killer "jacked-up" burst of energy that supercharges your workouts and life? REDLINE by VPX has the power to deliver those results at maximum SPEED!"

#2 Appetite Suppression
The last thing you want to do is sabotage all of your hard work by eating too many calories for your frame simply because you are still hungry.  Everyone knows that to maintain your weight as it is, you must consume exactly the amount of calories your body needs, no more – no less.  You must create a caloric balance.  To lose weight, you’ve got to burn more calories than you are consuming, or simply consume less calories than your body needs at rest (calories in vs. calories out) and vice versa to gain weight.  So obviously if you eat more calories than you are burning and that your body truly needs, you are going to gain weight, it is inevitable.

There is nothing on earth that reminds you more of food than the terrible grumbling feeling you get in the pit of your stomach while you are trying to get through the work day.  Why not avoid these feelings all together and not have to worry about what and when you are going to eat next.

#3 Increased Metabolic Rate
Nobody wants to have a slow metabolism.  Heck, a slow metabolism is the scapegoat for many of our own weight issues.  How many of you have heard the excuse, “I have a slow metabolism so I can’t lose weight”.  These people really think that this is why they are fat?!?!  Why don’t you do something about it then!  Instead of complaining that your metabolism is slower than your grandmother parking her car, why don’t you try to stimulate a boost in your metabolic rate.  Fat burners and stimulants (energy boosters) have the wonderful benefit of stimulating your metabolic rate thus allowing you to burn more calories while exercising, doing housework, or simply sitting on your butt watching television.  This is why some people tend to sweat more while using these products – this is a good thing.  REDLINE Ultra Hardcore and Liquid Concentrate are not only energy boosters, but more importantly have amazing fat burning capacity.  Taking the recomeended use daily is a recipe for success.  Not only do they increase your metabolism, but they have the ability to tap into stored energy (body fat) to use as fuel while exercising.  This means you are less likely to use carbohydrate and/or protein as fuel, and more likely to burn fat instead!

The combination of exercise and stimulant use is the best way to increase metabolism and fat-specific weight loss. Although this duo is very powerful, stimulants should be thought of as an accompaniment to exercise, not a replacement.

In order to lose that unwanted fat, get your nutrition plan straight and get your big butt into the gym to burn some calories.  Then, and only then, start implementing these supplements into use.  And after you have done so for at least 30 days while sticking to your diet and training routine, and you still have not seen results, feel free to comment below and we will be more than happy to answer as many questions as you want.

Now go forth and sweat so you can enjoy the summer sun while it lasts without feeling and looking like a beached whale.

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