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Fast 5 - a Super Peptide Powerhouse


Fast 5 is one of my favorite supplements to use intra-workout, not only because of its amazing taste (Blue Razz), but because it supplies the correct ratio of BCAA’s needed to retain muscle mass! The second most abundant amino acids found in muscle tissue (the 1st being glutamine) are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. They make up approximately 33% of all muscle tissue. During exercise, BCAA's are broken down and used for energy. Because they are so easily broken down and your body cannot produce them on its own, supplementation is needed to sustain sufficient amounts in your blood stream. If the amount of BCAA’s flowing through your body becomes depleted and not available during exercise, your body may turn to your muscle tissue for fuel (known as gluconeogenesis). We want to avoid this at all costs! So the million dollar question is: how do we maintain a high level of BCAA’s during exercise to prevent this muscle catabolism? The answer is to over saturate your body with BCAA’s through SUPPLEMENTATION. By maintaining optimal levels of BCAA's through supplementation, you can protect muscle tissue, thus maximizing muscle growth!

Double Chocolate Chip Pancakes Recipe


Tired of the usual protein pancakes which generally taste like cardboard and have a strange foam like texture to them?  Well if you are you need to give this recipe a try!  It’s not your usual “grind oatmeal into a powder and add egg whites” protein pancake recipe, these actually come out fluffy like true pancakes should and taste great while packing nearly 30 grams of high quality protein!


(Makes 4 servings)

  • 1 cup Bob’s Redmill Low Carb Baking Mix

Muscle Damage and Ways to Prevent It


Besides training, which causes a break down in muscle tissue, there are two other important ways your body causes muscle damage. With these other ways there are measures you can take to prevent damage from happening. During weight training, the body has a natural feed-back loop of recovery and adaptation, making it an overall anabolic process (with proper nutrition and supplementation). Some clinical ways to test for muscle damage is by identifying biochemical markers such as CPK, LHD and 3-methylhistidine since they can be readily found in urine and blood samples when the muscle tissue is broken down or torn. Another way is to test for free radicals and cortisol levels in blood plasma; these are the areas where you can put forth an effort to prevent catabolism.

Quad Chocolate Protein Muffins Recipe


Looking for a way to satisfy your chocolate craving without sacrificing your beach bod now that summer has arrived? If so you have to try these Quad Chocolate Protein Muffins, quad as in 4 sources of chocolate not your leg muscle you gym rats, although these will help grow your quad muscles!

Tips to Introduce First Timers to OCR


For those of us who have taken Obstacle Racing beyond a hobby and into more of a lifestyle (some people use terms like elite, professional, competitive, etc), we are often highly focused on our own results and standings. This is not a bad thing at all, as it creates the motivation to fuel the toughest workouts, produces the biggest performance improvements, and helps us track our progress. That being said, every once in a while it is a good idea to "get back to the roots" and run races just for fun, without worrying about how you place, and with some friends that have never run an OCR before.

VPX Chicken Molé Recipe


Sometimes you feel like some Latin food but you just can't fit all of the calories that traditional Latin food has into your diet. I've been there, trying to figure out how I can get the flavor but without all the fat from various oils and all the carbs from sauces. With this spicy and sweet low calorie molé sauce you can get your Latin fix while keeping calories in line with your diet, as an added bonus the sauce adds some high quality protein to your meal!

The Northeast SUCK Review (Spoiler Alert)


Gut Check Fitness: The SUCK is a 12 hour overnight event that is designed to put people through what the soldiers went through in Vietnam. The term “Welcome to the shit” often meant that is the worst place you could possibly be because the conditions were very harsh and the mortality rate was very high. Joe Decker’s event, The Suck, is to put people through just that. There are 12 hour events and there are 12 hour events at 100 miles an hour. This is definitely a 100 mile an hour event!

BATTLEFROG Series, Atlanta (Review)



Weight Training: F.R.F.S.O – Failure, Rest, Form, Squeeze, And Overload


My philosophy behind weight training can be summed up in one phrase. “In order to succeed in the weight room you must fail!” What do I mean by this? You must reach failure with the rep range and weights you are using. Reaching failure, in my mind, is the most important rule due to the fact that it promotes the most muscle growth. A lot of lifters go into the gym and do 3 sets of 10 reps on, for example, bench press. They increase the weight each set and seem to still finish with 10 repetitions. Maybe that last set they struggled to reach 10, but what about the first two sets? Basically, they wasted 10 minutes of their time with too many warm-up sets. Instead of reaching failure and breaking down muscle tissue, this particular lifter fatigued their chest by messing around with a lighter weight on the first two sets. Therefore, the end result finished with less weight being used on their heaviest set because the muscles were too fatigued from the excessive warm-ups. Don’t get me wrong - it’s great to warm up, as everyone should to avoid injury, but to fatigue your muscles before your heaviest sets is just counterproductive.

Toasty Protein Pastry Recipe


Looking for a quick and tasty twist on your favorite Life Lift bars? If so you have to give this Life Lift Protein Pastry recipe a try!  In less than 10 minutes you can create the perfect pre-workout snack that's ideal for sharing with your workout partner, now both of you will be fueled up and ready for a great workout! As an added bonus it tastes just like your favorite breakfast pastry but without all the sugar.

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