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Pumpkin Protein Shake Recipe

Posted by VPX Sports on Nov 25, 2013 10:30:00 AM

In the mood for a healthy, low calorie meal replacement? Try a deliciously fulfilling Pumpkin Protein Shake! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this treat will complement your spread - Perfectly! At just 188 calories with zero cholesterol or saturated fats, it’s rich in dietary fiber, anti-oxidants, minerals and other vitamins; suitable any time of day!

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5 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Posted by VPX Sports on Apr 29, 2013 8:56:00 AM

Ever notice how the majority of women in the gym can be found where the cardiovascular equipment is? Are you one of those women, the ever so popular, “cardio bunny?” Don’t get me wrong, cardio does help to burn fat; however, it is not the end all be all of training. In fact, it is only a small piece to the body recomposition puzzle. You can do all the cardio you want, but if you do not have any muscle mass underneath it, you will never see the tight midsection so many of us strive for. It has been demonstrated through years of combined scientific research and real world application of the VIVO 360 Program that muscle helps burn fat.

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3 Simple Changes for a Healthier Lifestyle

Posted by VPX Sports on Apr 22, 2013 8:53:00 AM

It is impossible to avoid all health related misfortunes – you can drink all the orange juice you want, but you may still catch a cold. Just because there are things in this life that you cannot control doesn’t mean you should not take precautions to lessen your chances. Here are three easy changes you can make to start living healthier.

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10 Commonly Used Workout Excuses

Posted by VPX Sports on Apr 8, 2013 8:58:00 AM

How many times have you asked a buddy to work out with you, only to get shot down by their excuses? Here are 10 commonly used excuses, with rebuttals. Hopefully after a little more persuasion, you can get their a$$ in the gym!

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Marc’s End of Phase 2 Results - Mental & Muscle Gains

Posted by Marc Siegel on Mar 11, 2013 9:04:00 AM

So, here we are at the end of Phase 2 and you’re all eagerly awaiting the results. As you know from my “End of Phase 1” blog, I was down 14 pounds and feeling good. My body had finally adjusted to having carbohydrates every third day, and I was a lot less cranky than I thought I would be with the lack of carbs.

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Marc's Amazing Phase 1 Results!

Posted by Marc Siegel on Feb 11, 2013 9:07:00 AM

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Marc Siegel. I'm a certified personal trainer in New York with five fitness and training licenses and I currently write a weekly blog here. This week’s blog will be about my experience with Phase 1 of VIVO 360. I would like to preface this blog by saying that I have spent years working with Eric Hoult, the national director of VIVO 360, and share many similar views on dieting nutrition and training. I am sure that Eric can agree with me that while we have seen/put many people on various diet regimens ranging from the weekend warrior all the way up to people on a national competitive level, nothing has quite compared to the level of VIVO 360!

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