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Weight Training: F.R.F.S.O – Failure, Rest, Form, Squeeze, And Overload

Posted by VPX Sports on Jun 1, 2014 10:19:00 AM

My philosophy behind weight training can be summed up in one phrase. “In order to succeed in the weight room you must fail!” What do I mean by this? You must reach failure with the rep range and weights you are using. Reaching failure, in my mind, is the most important rule due to the fact that it promotes the most muscle growth. A lot of lifters go into the gym and do 3 sets of 10 reps on, for example, bench press. They increase the weight each set and seem to still finish with 10 repetitions. Maybe that last set they struggled to reach 10, but what about the first two sets? Basically, they wasted 10 minutes of their time with too many warm-up sets. Instead of reaching failure and breaking down muscle tissue, this particular lifter fatigued their chest by messing around with a lighter weight on the first two sets. Therefore, the end result finished with less weight being used on their heaviest set because the muscles were too fatigued from the excessive warm-ups. Don’t get me wrong - it’s great to warm up, as everyone should to avoid injury, but to fatigue your muscles before your heaviest sets is just counterproductive.

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Interval Training vs. Steady State Aerobic Cardio | Are you driving a Hemi or a Hybrid?

Posted by VPX Sports on May 18, 2014 10:04:00 AM

Living in Boston means April is the time of year that thousands of people hit the streets, treadmills, and trails to prepare for the Boston Marathon. I have countless friends, family, and coworkers who raced this year and I always hear a similar story, some variation of "The race will be so rewarding to finish, and I will lose so much weight and get in great shape while training!" 

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How to Perform a Proper Bench Press – Find Your Groove

Posted by VPX Sports on Jun 17, 2013 8:52:00 AM

The technique of a proper bench press is something you have to master and the only way you can is by benching and benching often – at least once a week. You have to find your “groove.” That groove will ultimately be the plane of movement from lock out (the top of the movement), down to where you naturally bottom out then back up over your eyes to lock out. For some guys their natural bottom out might not be hitting your sternum, but actually a few inches above.

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3 Ab Exercises w/ Variations for a Defined 6-Pack!

Posted by VPX Sports on May 27, 2013 9:03:00 AM

Everyone strives for the chiseled abs and flat tummy, and some still think it requires thousands of boring crunches to achieve them! One thing remains certain: no matter how developed your abdominal muscles are, they will never make a visual impact with a layer of fat covering them. Your diet alone may be the deal breaker when it comes to achieving your very own six-pack. A combination of consistent diet and exercise is necessary to rid your belly bulge. If your diet is to blame, maybe you need help from the fully integrated health, supplementation and fitness program VIVO 360°! If you are looking for a way to get off the floor and spice up your dull ab routine, keep reading.

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Don't Forget to Breathe!

Posted by Marc Siegel on Jan 28, 2013 9:05:00 AM

We’ve all seen that person who's turning red in the face while maxing out, or that person who sounds like a leaky tire or hissing snake. Those people are the reason that I am writing this article. Proper breathing during exercise is a very important, yet a mostly overlooked action.

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Burn more calories for your New Year’s Resolution!

Posted by Marc Siegel on Dec 31, 2012 7:10:00 AM

With the New Year approaching, everyone is getting geared up for the typical “New Year’s Resolution” of weight loss. But with so many options and activities to do, what is the most efficient way of spending your time? If you have an hour to workout, how do you decide between playing football or going to the gym?

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3 Phases of Plyometric Training

Posted by Marc Siegel on Dec 17, 2012 7:32:00 AM

These days when I walk around my gym I feel like I always see someone jumping over boxes, throwing medicine balls up to the ceiling, or hopping around like a rabbit. When I go over to these people and ask them why they're doing these specific exercises, their typical response is either they have a friend that showed this to them or they saw it in on the internet. What they need to understand is that all of the above are variations of plyometric training.

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TRX Bands – Do they live up to all the hype?

Posted by Marc Siegel on Dec 10, 2012 7:33:00 AM

I have to admit that the first time I saw a set of bands hanging from what appeared to be giant, triangle-shaped monkey bars, I was skeptical… but boy was I wrong.

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Stretching 101

Posted by Marc Siegel on Nov 19, 2012 7:32:00 AM

To stretch or not to stretch, that is the question. But what is the answer? This topic is one of the oldest debates in the fitness realm. There are countless articles, studies, and views on this topic. In this week’s blog I will share with you some of the information that I feel is useful and compelling.

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