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Heavy Hittin' Bodybuilding Plan Week 16 | Heavy Weight Mass & Horsepower

Posted by Team Xtreme on Jan 18, 2015 9:12:00 AM

Heavy Weight Mass & Horsepower!

heavy-hittin-bodybuilding_week-16Week 16 is going to be a Heavy Weights week designed to build mass, humongous strength, and explosive power! Your goal is 5 sets of 5-10 reps each exercise! You should be getting a tough burn at 5 reps and barely be able to make it to 10 reps. If 10 reps is easy then add heavier weights. If 5 reps are not at all possible then lighten the weights a bit. The goal is to build mass, increase strength, and maximize explosive power in Week 16!

Week 16 - (Warm-up before each workout w/10 min walk then stretch the muscles you plan to hit! First few exercises each workout are semi warm-up exercises.)

Each Workout – 5 Sets of Heavy Weights for 5-10 reps (rest up to 60-90 seconds in between Sets “if needed”)

Day 1: Chest

  • Rubber Band Internal/External Rotators

  • Pushups

  • 2 Dumbbell Flat Chest Presses

  • 2 Dumbbell Incline Chest Presses

  • Barbell or Smith Machine Flat Chest Presses

  • Barbell or Smith Machine Incline Chest Presses

  • Barbell or Smith Machine Decline Chest Presses

  • Weighted Pushups (Have partner or spotter place weights on your back safely)

*Cardio - Medium intensity walk, elliptical, or bike for 45 minutes then Stretch Chest

Day 2: Back

  • 2 Dumbbell Seated Wrist Curls Over/Under (Forearm Strength/Tendonitis Prevention)

  • Low Back Extension Machine or Hyper Extension Machine

  • 1 Dumbbell Bent Over Low Rows

  • Barbell Bent Over Rows (over-hand/shoulder width grip)

  • Weighted Neutral Grip Pullups

  • 1 Dumbbell Lying Pullovers

  • Weighted Wide/Front Grip Pullups

  • 1 Dumbbell Bent Over High Rows

*Cardio - Medium intensity walk, elliptical, or bike for 45 minutes then Stretch Back

Day 3: Abs/Obliques

  • Weighted Crunches

  • 1 Dumbbell Standing Side Bends

  • 1 Kettlebell Halo’s

  • Weighted Side Crunches

  • Weighted Knee-ups on Vertical Hanging Leg/Knee Machine (Hold Dumbbell Between Feet)

  • Ab Machine Crunches (Front & Sides)

Day 4: Legs

  • Bodyweight Squats

  • 2 Dumbbell Squats Feet Shoulder Width

  • Barbell Wide Sumo Squats in Power Rack or using Smith Machine

  • Barbell Wide Stiff Legged Deadlifts

  • Lying or Seated Leg Curl Machine

  • Barbell Romanian Deadlifts Feet Shoulder Width

  • Barbell Squats Feet Shoulder Width in Power Rack or using Smith Machine

  • Calf Raise Machine or Smith Machine Calf Raises (heels straight, heels in, heels out)

  • Hill Sprint (Sprint giving it all you’ve got until you begin to lose speed then walk back to start)

*Cardio - Medium intensity walk, elliptical, or bike for 45 minutes then Stretch Legs

Day 5: Shoulders

  • Standing Bent over Rear Lateral Raises

  • Standing 2 Dumbbell Arnold Presses

  • Standing 2 Dumbbell Alternating High Pulls (make sure one Dumbbell is resting on thigh while other in motion to give each shoulder/trap a relaxed pause)

  • Seated Barbell Military Presses in Rack or using Smith Machine

  • Standing 2 Dumbbell Shrugs (good posture, knees bent slightly, and butt back)

  • Standing Barbell Clean & Presses (PLEASE only do if you know CORRECT form and use Spotter)

*Cardio - Medium intensity walk, elliptical, or bike for 45 minutes then Stretch Shoulders

Day 6: Arms

  • 2 Dumbbell Alternating Biceps Curls Standing

  • 1 Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

  • 2 Dumbbell Alternating Hammer Curls Standing

  • 1 Dumbbell Two Hands Standing Over-Head Triceps Extensions

  • Barbell Biceps Curls

  • Weighted Dips

  • 2 Dumbbell Standing Zottman Curls

*Cardio - Medium intensity walk, elliptical, or bike for 45 minutes then Stretch Arms

Day 7: Rest & Recover Fully except a Cardio

*Cardio - Take a 55 min Medium Intensity Walk, Elliptical, or Bike Ride

• Rest, Recover, & Eat a lot but Clean (NO JUNK) foods!



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