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Fast 5 - a Super Peptide Powerhouse

Posted by VPX Sports on Jul 27, 2014 10:19:00 AM

Fast 5 is one of my favorite supplements to use intra-workout, not only because of its amazing taste (Blue Razz), but because it supplies the correct ratio of BCAA’s needed to retain muscle mass! The second most abundant amino acids found in muscle tissue (the 1st being glutamine) are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. They make up approximately 33% of all muscle tissue. During exercise, BCAA's are broken down and used for energy. Because they are so easily broken down and your body cannot produce them on its own, supplementation is needed to sustain sufficient amounts in your blood stream. If the amount of BCAA’s flowing through your body becomes depleted and not available during exercise, your body may turn to your muscle tissue for fuel (known as gluconeogenesis). We want to avoid this at all costs! So the million dollar question is: how do we maintain a high level of BCAA’s during exercise to prevent this muscle catabolism? The answer is to over saturate your body with BCAA’s through SUPPLEMENTATION. By maintaining optimal levels of BCAA's through supplementation, you can protect muscle tissue, thus maximizing muscle growth!

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Performance Benefits of Beta-Alanine

Posted by Marc Siegel on Nov 26, 2012 7:19:00 AM

Do you ever wonder why you take your pre-workout drink and within 15 minutes or less you begin feeling a tingling in your skin? That feeling is called Mild Paresthesia. It is a common yet safe side effect of a product called Beta Alanine.  

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