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Advanced German Volume Training - FREAKY BACK

Posted by Big Show on Jul 18, 2012 7:02:00 AM

Do you want to pack on muscle Freaky Fast? Let me show you how to use the proven German Volume Training method so you can gain 7, 8, 9, 10 or even 11 pounds of Rock Hard Muscle in just 6-8 weeks! German Volume Training (GVT) + Advanced Methods = Pure Muscle Mass!

describe the imageThis article is ONLY for people who have been weight training seriously & consistently for at least 4 years! Sorry folks, if you don’t fall into this category you may enjoy the read but your body just isn’t ready.

As I mentioned in the beginner GVT article, German Volume Training targets specific muscle groups and motor units to build massive muscle. This very intense repetitive workload pushes the body to adapt to the extraordinary stress through accelerated muscle fiber hypertrophy. The GVT method has held up to the test of time with its effectiveness. However, the method could benefit from a boost using new techniques to meet the needs of serious athletes today.

In the first German Volume Training article I gave an example of an original GVT workout. I want to take it to the next level and combine it with some advanced training methods.

Advanced Concepts & Rules

So what are some of the advanced concepts and rules that increase the effectiveness of GVT?  Here are the guidelines to follow for Advanced German Volume Training (AGVT):

  1. During Week 1 the weight stays the same for the 10 sets of 10 reps, and in weeks 2-8 you increase each set by 2-5%. Only increase the weight each set if you can get 10 reps. Decrease the weight if you cannot complete 10 reps.

  2. Only 30 seconds rest between sets. (Remember, original GVT allows for 60-90 second rests. This is a guideline for the Advanced GVT, so keep this in mind during your workout!)

  3. Recovery is 4 days rest between the same body part workouts. This is an average of 96 to 108 hours of rest per body part.

  4. Make sure to change your GVT exercise each workout for weeks 1 and 2, then start the rotation over again after completing 2 full weeks of training.

Use these guidelines during your workout and you will get the massive muscles you desire! Download our FREE two week Advanced GVT workout for a FREAKY BACK, a great addition to our FREAKY LEGS Workout. Please consult your physician before starting any exercise regimen.

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