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Home Grown - Triceps

Posted by Liza Muravyeva MS RD LD/N on Jul 7, 2012 7:26:00 AM


Have you been traveling a lot lately? Maybe you have not been able to get to the gym on time, or just want a good workout you can do at home.  Not to worry - our ‘Home Grown Series’ will provide you with workouts that you can do at home using limited to no equipment and still achieve maximal results! We will be providing you with workouts that will increase your metabolism, build muscle and make you feel great! Now you have no excuses for missing workouts!

home grown tricepsFor the first of the series - we will be focusing on specific muscle groups, starting with your triceps.

Your triceps brachii are made up of the long head, medial head and lateral head. Therefore, it is important to work all of the supporting muscles. Also, women tend to carry more fat in their triceps than other places - so it’s even more important that you don’t neglect this area! Ladies, don’t fear that your arms will become massive by working out. It takes a lot of dedication, a clean diet, a certain level of intensity and specific workout routines to build big arms. To avoid flabby arms you need to exercise the muscles so they become strong and toned. Both men and women benefit from developing more muscle in the body. For example, gaining lean muscle allows you to burn more calories throughout the day.

The beauty of working out is that you don’t always need to be in a gym or spend a lot on equipment and weights! Use whatever you have in the house instead of weights. This can be water bottles or even heavy text books. Use what YOU have. Stop making excuses like “Gym memberships are too expensive” or “I don’t have time”. Simple exercises at home such as chair dips and tricep kickbacks, for 20 minutes can help build strong toned triceps. Also, by starting each workout set with burpees, you are increasing your heart rate and activating all of the muscles in your body! If you don’t know what to do at home then download our FREE Home Grown Triceps Workout

Please consult your physician before staring any exercise regimen.

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