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10 Workout Excuses – Shut Up & Do It!

Posted by Liza Muravyeva MS RD LD/N on Jun 18, 2012 7:02:00 AM

Scared of being on a diet, starting a new workout regimen or just to try something new? We all have fears - but what are you waiting for? It’s time to overcome your fears and stop making excuses! No more excuses - Shut Up and Do itThe only things keeping you from having what you’ve always wanted are the excuses you make. This is true for diets, working out and life in general! To get in better shape, have tighter abs, lose fat, or build muscle you just need to stop talking and do it!

You spend countless hours looking at magazines, watching TV infomercials and looking at “fit” people with envy. All those hours spent thinking “I want to look like that”; instead you could physically be doing something to get what you want.

Here are 10 excuses people try to use as justification for why they aren’t where they want to be:

  1. I should work out but I just don’t like it

  2. I don’t have time, I have kids

  3. Gym memberships are too expensive

  4. I don’t like the feeling of sweating

  5. I’m really busy right now, so I will start in a month

  6. I’ve never worked out so I don’t know where to start

  7. I want to work out, I just don’t want to get too skinny or lose “this”

  8. I don’t have energy to work out

  9. Cooking healthy is too expensive

  10. I just don’t have time to cook

Over the years I have heard those excuses and more! Even I was one of these “complainers” one time; scared to take my diet/exercise regimen to the next level.  So, here is my rebuttal to the excuses.

  1. You know you “should” workout but don’t like it. Well, there are a variety of methods and ways to be active and exercise. Just because you tried something in the past and didn’t like it, doesn’t mean you can’t find something you do enjoy. If you already tried the personal trainer in a box gym and didn’t like it; look at other options such as yoga, Pilates, beach bootcamps, paddle boarding, Crossfit, martial arts, dancing or join a sports league. Those are just a few options to try, you can even mix and match to maintain variety!

  2. You think you have no time because you have kids? If you have time to watch 20 minutes of TV or go shopping then you have 20 minutes to work out.

  3. No gym membership? No problem! There is no written rule that says you need a gym membership. Go run outside, do some pushups, burpees, and squats at home - no equipment necessary.

  4. Gross, Sweat!! Think of sweat as a visual gauge.  Your body needs to regulate the heat created from the energy you’re expending to burn calories! Additionally, sweating is detoxifying. It is a natural process that has an easy clean up – shower and soap!

  5. Busy… who isn’t busy these days? You find time for other things so make time to exercise. You say you’ll start in a month; a month later and surprise… you’re still too busy! There is no perfect time so just start today!

  6. Getting started - Buy a DVD, look online, download an app, ask a friend with experience or personal trainer. We all have to start somewhere; with all these free and inexpensive options readily available this is not a valid excuse!

  7. Fear of getting too skinny or losing weight in the ‘wrong’ area? If you are eating healthy and working out you should have no problem maintaining a healthy weight. Fuel your body with the proper ingredients and don’t take working out to an excessive level. As far as losing weight in the ‘wrong’ area; ultimately this is up to your genetics but you can gear your workout to tone desired areas.

  8. You won’t always feel motivated when it’s time to workout but after you’re done you will be energized; so just get started! If necessary, have an energy drink or take a pre-workout supplement to give you the boost you need.   Try a Redline® Xtreme or the popular pre-workout NO Shotgun™! Keep in mind why you exercise and use that goal to push you through the low energy times.

  9. Cooking healthy is not too expensive! I hear this myth a lot. What people really are saying is, “it’s easier to eat unhealthy”. You can buy approximately 1-2 pounds of fish and a couple bags of broccoli that will feed you for 2 days and is cheaper than one meal at a restaurant.

  10. No time to cook? Like I said before, if you have time for those unimportant things, like watching TV, then you have time to cook a healthy meal! If you want to be lean, healthy and look good - you have to eat well. Boiling a few eggs in the morning takes about 10 minutes, throwing a bag of veggies in the microwave takes 30 seconds, and putting a piece of fish in the oven takes about 5.

What excuse or obstacle did you overcome when you were first starting to eat right and exercise? Comment below

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