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Life Happens – Stay Motivated!

Posted by Liza Muravyeva MS RD LD/N on Jun 13, 2012 7:18:00 AM

Everyone has “good” and “bad” days. It’s usually a lot easier to workout and eat clean when you are having a “good” day. This following scenario has probably happened to you before:  You push yourself hard at the gym, and prepare your meals ahead of time to stay on schedule. good days motivatedThen ‘life happens’ - something goes wrong; a car breaks down or you’re put into a stressful situation. What do you do? Do you throw your fitness regimen aside? Do you, give up and start eating cheeseburgers and ice cream? You better not! Keeping your body AND mind active is more important than you might realize.

You already know that physical activity is great for your body; but do you know what it does for your brain? Engaging in physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals to make you feel happy and relaxed; placing you in a better mood. In addition, you gain confidence knowing you are stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. Who doesn’t want to be in a good mood and have more self confidence?

Have you ever had a tough decision to make and feel like you just can’t think straight? Here’s my advice: Take 20-30 minutes to do SOME sort of physical activity like running, stretching, yoga or even lifting weights. The natural chemicals released in your brain will boost your thought process. In turn, it helps your decision come into focus.

In the United States, approximately 14.8 million adults experience major depression. Women are 1.7 times as likely to develop depression in one year! (1) These numbers are extremely high! Regular exercise plays a major role in preventing or helping to control depression. As I said earlier, working out helps to build self confidence and greatly improves energy levels. Aside from building muscle, burning fat, and feeling amazing, your body will thank you in the long run for taking those 30-60 minutes out of each day to exercise.

Here’s what to do when you’re NOT having the best day…GET ACTIVE! I know sometimes it is easier said than done; but get your butt off the couch or out of bed and move! Stay on schedule with a clean diet and an exercise regimen!

  1. Walk...Jog...Run - Go for a walk, jog or run. If this is common practice for you, motivate yourself with a change in scenery! You can also incorporate jumping jacks, sprints, or burpees.

  2. Practice Yoga - this does not have to be a 2 hour Bikram class. Practice a few poses at home, and focus on breathing and relaxing. Try the Sun Salutation Sequence by downloading our FREE Visual Yoga Guide; perfect for beginners!

  3. Keep it clean – You put additional stress on your system when you eat sugary and processed foods. The way you fuel your body matters. Keep it clean with lean proteins and veggies. If you’re in a time crunch - grab a VPX Protein Rush®!

  4. Lift!  - Get your frustration out by lifting a little heavier and pushing yourself a little harder at the gym.

  5. Breath - Step away from the phone, computer, internet and every other distraction - take 10 minutes to do some controlled breathing exercises. Deep breathes physiologically relaxes your body!

  6. Sweet Dreams - Don’t forget to get a good nights’ rest! An improper amount of sleep will make you cranky, irritable and prevents your body from efficiently burning fat.  

How do you keep your mind healthy and stay motivated?


  1. http://www.cdc.gov/pcd/issues/2011/nov/11_0062.htm

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