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5 Myths about Weight Training and Losing Weight!

Posted by Liza Muravyeva MS RD LD/N on Apr 16, 2012 11:30:00 AM

I get asked all the time by women - “What do I need to do to lose weight? I do cardio sometimes, but don’t really lift much. I want to get rid of my love handles, work on my core, and get my glutes tighter, but don’t want to lose anything in this area….”5 Myths about Weight Training and Losing Weight

My answer usually does not change a lot - unless it’s a special case. Many beginners might be scared about lifting weights or getting their heart rate up. But, if you have no medical conditions and are able to workout with few limitations, you need to lift weights and work out with intensity! Also, do not be scared to push your body a little further each workout. When I only have one hour to work out - I make my workouts as intense as I can, with plyometrics, weights, and very little resting time. If you have more time, then your workouts can be a little slower and more muscle specific. Those of you who are on the go need to train with intensity!

Don’t believe all of those myths you hear- listen to your body and the experts who can guide you in the right direction. Here are a few myths about working out and training I hear almost every day!

Myth #1) You will look like a body builder if you start lifting heavy weights.

- You are NOT going to get a huge metabolic burst within your body by lifting 2 pounds weights! You are also NOT going to build huge muscle like the women in fitness magazines by lifting a little heavier than usual! That takes years to accomplish, and is accompanied by a very clean and high protein diet. You will need to find the right balance between the amount of weight and number of reps - but no matter what, your muscles should feel fatigued by the time you are done.

Myth #2) You can lose weight in very specific areas - such as only your stomach, and keep everything else the same.

- When you workout, your whole body is working.  By your own genetic design, some body parts may carry more fat than others. A lot of people will start losing weight from their face, stomach or even legs. Everyone is different. The bottom line is that you cannot spot reduce. Just like when you first gain weight, you will notice it in some areas more than others. But that is the beauty of working out - its gets your whole body fit!

Myth #3) You have to eat a lot of carbs after your workout.

- Replenishing your body after a tough workout is vital - with lean protein, vegetables, and some complex carbs. But just because you workout does not mean you should reward yourself right after with a baguette or chocolate cake. Stick to protein shakes, a nice piece of fish with veggies and salad. Don’t waste your workout by eating empty carbs

Myth #4) You need to spend hours in the gym everyday to get a rockin’ body.

- This may be true for a professional body builder, but let’s face it – we aren’t all professional bodybuilders. Getting the look you want will take energy, commitment and motivation. You will have to train, eat well and be consistent, but this does NOT mean running on the treadmill for 2 hours and lifting for 3. You can get an amazing heart pounding and sweat drenching workout in half an hour, if time is not on your side.

In addition, dancing the Cha Cha for an hour is a great way to have fun, but is not an effective workout if you want to obtain a certain level of fat loss. This goes back to the first principle of intensity. You have to push yourself, take shorter rest periods, and do all body movements such as plyometrics and weight lifting. It can be done!

Myth #5) You have to starve yourself to lose weight.

- That myth could not be further from the truth. You have to eat at least 4 meals a day and eat good food to keep your metabolism active!  Additionally, by not eating after your workout, you are not letting your muscles get the nutrition they need. Therefore you will not build any muscle, and muscle helps you burn more calories during the day! There is no reason to starve yourself if you want to lose fat and weight!

What myths have you heard? Share in our comments section below!

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