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Avoid Packing on Pounds During the Holidays

Posted by VPX Sports on Nov 17, 2011 2:28:00 PM

It's the holiday season and you have been invited to numerous holiday parties, and every time you turn around someone is bringing cookies and something sweet to work. Although the holidays are a time for celebration, it is not a time for you to start eating whatever you want for 2 months. If you train hard and eat clean throughout the whole year, why would you stop during a time like this? You may be seeing family and relatives during the holiday season, so don’t you want to look your best? Yes, you can take a day off working out for Christmas and New Years and relax, but 2 weeks is no excuse! This is a time to enjoy, but not get out of control. Here are 5 tips how to avoid gaining the extra pounds during the holidays and how to keep looking lean.

Don't get lazy just because it's the holidays!


  1. DO NOT arrive at a holiday party HUNGRY! You will be more likely to start munching on cheese sticks and brownies if you’re starving. Eat a clean meal or a protein shake an hour or 2 before, and have one light snack at the party. Choose wisely!
  2. Keep one hand free. Do not double fist it with cookies in one hand and fruity alcohol in the other. Pick ONE.
  3. IF you are drinking, avoid anything fruity or sweet due to the high sugar content. Keep your drinks clean, or use club soda water, NOT tonic. Tonic has almost as much sugar as a soda.
  4. Avoid all the fruit punches, egg nog, and juices. Again, keep it clean and have a sparkling water with a SPLASH (not half a cup) of cranberry juice if you really want something other than water.
  5. BE PREPARED. If going to holiday parties seems stressful (diet-wise), give yourself a little pep talk before you go and remind yourself WHY you aren’t going to eat 5 cookies and a bowl of spinach dip by yourself. Don’t be like everyone else and indulge in everything you see, BE the example for people of how to do the holidays RIGHT.

What TO DO when you DO NOT feel like working out:

You wake up in the morning planning on working out. You get your gym bag ready and by lunch time or after work you’re not that excited to workout anymore. You would much rather just got home and relax... as that thought process continues just think about how you will be sitting on the couch, eating, taking more and more calories, NOT getting your heart rate up, and NOT feeling that surge of endorphins! Now if you planned on going home and relaxing, or taking care of your kids, it's ok. BUT, if you set that goal of working out the night before, you better complete that goal! Here are some tips of how to get motivated BEFORE your workout.

  1. Take 5 minutes to yourself, and remind yourself WHY you decided to work out. Was it because you wanted to get in better shape, to do something good for yourself, relieve some stress, gain mental clarity,  re-energize yourself, or because you saw someone you wanted to look like? Remind yourself WHY you decided to work out in the first place and that you are doing something amazing for your own body and mind.
  2. Working out is a natural de-stressor. You will release those negative stressors from your body, and gain feel-good endorphins. If you are normal and get stressed, coming home to your husband and kids crabby isn’t a lot of fun. By working out, you are releasing that stress and you will be in a better mood for you, and your family.
  3. Sit in your car, or at work and put on your favorite energizing song! This will  get you excited to work out, and will make you want to move!
  4. Look at a picture or video of your favorite fitness celebrity, friend, or even yourself when you were in the best shape. Have a visual motivator you can use any time. Keep it in your car, desk, or even wallet. Take a look at it before you hit the gym GO!
  5. Try a workout class or promise a friend you will see them at the gym. This does not mean you have to workout with that friend, but by making a small commitment, you are more likely to go! Get your foot in the gym, start working out, and within 10 minutes you will begin to feel that surge of energy! Mission accomplished.
  6. Write down HOW YOU FEEL right after a great workout, and keep those notes with you. Look at them as a reminder of how you will feel when you’re done!

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