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What separates REDLINE Energy drink apart

Posted by VPX Sports on Jan 24, 2011 2:58:00 PM

redlineWhat happens when you combine the best world class supplement formulators from VPX with the best sports nutrition scientists in the Western Hemisphere? A super premium energy drink that rocks your opponent’s world and gives you crisp focus, clean energy and razor sharp reaction – that’s what! In fact, a recent university study discovered that Redline® produced significant improvements in reaction time, as well as enhanced feelings of energy and focus. In this investigation, twelve male athletes underwent two testing sessions. They consumed either four ounces of Placebo or four ounces of a Redline®. Keep in mind that is half a bottle of Redline®. They found a significant difference in reaction time, energy and focus.

Unlike other energy drinks that are loaded with caffeine and sugar, Redline energy contains ingredients like beta-alanine, various electrolytes, and herbs to aid in focus and reaction time.  Studies investigating the effect of beta-alanine on performance measures have shown improvements in total work done, time to exhaustion, physical working capacity at fatigue threshold, power output at lactate threshold, attenuated fatigue during repeated bouts of resistance training, and final 30 second sprint performance during a 2 hour time trial.

Much of beta-alanine’s effects come through boosting the synthesis of an intramuscular dipeptide (two amino acids) called carnosine.  If you want your muscles to remain strong and maintain powerful contractions, they need to be in an optimal pH range. If they don’t and the pH drops below that optimal level, you have significantly less strength and fatigue more quickly.  If a person has extra carnosine in their muscles, they will be able to produce higher reps, and ultimately a higher power output.  This is capable by carnosine keeping the pH levels in the skeletal muscle higher and resisting toxicity.  Supplementation of βA has been shown to augment intra and extracellular buffering capacities, which may leads to performance increases.

You will be hard pressed to find an energy drink that contains so much research behind the product!  Did I mention that Redline Energy also contains 0 calories?  That’s right, 0 calories!  Rather than grabbing one of those other energy drinks that makes you fat and has false claims for your mental and physical being, why not grab the drink that not only tastes better, is good for you, and will help you lose weight? 

Whether you’re working late, up late cramming for that exam at 8 in the morning, or even just waking up, Redline Energy is the drink for you! 


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