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Posted by VPX Sports on Dec 30, 2010 4:01:00 PM

MUSCLE BUILDING NO-SHOTGUNNO-Shotgun was developed by Chief Scientific Officer, Jack Owoc and his R & D technical team in VPX’s 200,000 sq. ft. state of the art facilities! NO-Shotgun is unquestionably the most significant muscle building innovation in the history of sports nutrition.  Here’s why:

  • The authentic finished product, NO-Shotgun, is tested on weight trained humans at Baylor University!  This is not some scam about some obscure “key” ingredient tested on rats or worse yet, in a Petri dish.  The NO-shotgun you purchase is the muscle-gene-altering, university-proven real deal!  (I removed the spacing between the hyphen and the words: muscle gene. I also removed the extra spacing between the hyphen and the words: university and proven.)
  • NO-Shotgun is the only product in the world proven to increase muscle gene proteins, induce muscle satellite cell replication and induce new muscle growth – hyperplasia!  This is far superior than just making your existing muscle cells larger – NO-Shotgun is 100% backed by Baylor University research!  At Baylor University human subjects drank NO-Shotgun, then trained with weights.  Prior to and after using NO-Shotgun and weight training, a muscle biopsy was conducted by inserting a large needle into the muscle.  A small piece of muscle tissue was removed to analyze MRF’s or Myogenic Regulatory Factors.  This is where scientists discovered that NO-Shotgun altered muscle genes up to 118.555, increased muscle DNA by 148.65% and induced hyperplasia!  See the science of how a muscle biopsy is performed here:
  • Further, NO-Shotgun increased bench press over a placebo by 1,067%!
  • If you are a loser who just wants to get jacked up on stimulants and knows nothing about building muscle, do not use NO-Shotgun.  NO-Shotgun is only for elite athletes, competitive bodybuilders, professional models and A-list celebrities! 

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