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Fat Burning Foods

Posted by VPX Sports on Aug 13, 2010 3:32:00 PM

Fat Loss Supplement | VPX Sports BlogEating foods that burn calories for you-sounds crazy right?  Well, certain kinds of foods have a thermogenic effect on the body that actually help you burn more calories just from eating!  That’s right! They’re called thermogenic foods.  This is a diet that is based on the theory that there are certain types of foods that you can eat that can, and will, work with your body to increase or lower your core temperature, therefore increasing your metabolism and your fat burning capabilities.

Thermogenisis means the creation of heat.  There are three types of thermogenisis, but the one we’re going to focus on here is diet-induced thermogenisis.  When you eat a large meal, you get hot and sweaty.  This might require you to loosen your tie, belt or other clothing.  This heat that your body is giving off is coming into play because the food that you’re consuming requires more energy to digest than you’re taking in.  The main organ responsible for this heat is the fat tissue.  The fat tissue in the body is mostly located around major blood vessels and organs. When it’s triggered into activity, it causes a warming of the blood that spreads throughout the body. 

Foods like peppers, salsa, ice water, green tea, cabbage, celery and even brussel sprouts are just a handful of foods that are thermogenic.  Consuming these foods will either raise or lower your body’s core temperature, making it work harder to stay at its normal temperature (98.7 degrees F).  This will raise your body’s metabolic rate and help you lose weight! 

Say you don’t like the taste of thermogenic foods, well have no fear!  VPX’s Meltdown works similar to the way of thermogenic foods.  Meltdown will increase your metabolic rate and the amount of burning fat.  Meltdown activates fat burning mechanisms in your body while simultaneously blocking the internal biochemistry that prevents you from burning fat by guarding one of the body’s key fat burning hormones called norepinephrine.

Incorporating thermogenic foods with Meltdown all on top of a good work out routine is destined to be great!  In order to get ripped, people should focus more on their diet than their work out routines.  Not saying that work-out routines aren’t important, but the majority of muscle building and fat burning comes from the dietary intake of each individual.  Meltdown and thermogenics are a person’s dream-come-true if they are trying to build muscle and lose weight.

Fat Burning Supplement | VPX Sports Blog  



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