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Actress, Lindsay Lohan Gets 90 Days in Jail - NO REDLINE O'H NO!

Posted by VPX Sports on Jul 7, 2010 11:02:00 PM

Lindsay Lohan broke down in tears today after Judge Marsha Revel sentenced her to 90 days in jail followed by a 90-day rehab program for violating DUI probation. Because Lohan is a habitual probation violator dating back to 2007, the judge wasn’t persuaded by Lindsay’s apology and excuses. Ironically, the judge reprimanded actress Lohan telling her to “…lay off the Red Bull and vodkas.” However, the court is apparently unaware of the October 27, 2008 issue of In Touch Weekly Magazine cover feature titled, “LINDSAY” “THE DRINK THAT BRUNS FAT THROUGH ‘SHIVERING’” where Lohan’s fave energy drink appears to be Redline. Lindsey  Unlike RB, Redline is not carbonated and contains no sugar. Lindsay Lohan choosing a drink like Redline that contains no sugar and in non-carbonated may be indicative of the actress’ attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle. There is evidence that carbonated drinks leach calcium from the bones and contribute to osteoporosis and an even larger body of evidence that shows that sugary carbonated drinks cause metabolic disturbances, blood sugar and insulin disorders, and unwanted fat and weight gain. Unlike other carbonated sugary drinks, there is a university study that shows that the carbonation and sugar free Redline Princess beverage actually increases fat burning by 75% over a placebo. Further, another College of New Jersey study proves that Redline Xtreme increases reaction time, energy and mental focus.While the actress was spotted drinking Grape Redline by the paparazzi, the new Strawberry Lemonade and Watermelon Kiwi flavors and all past and future Redline Energy and Fat Burning Drinks now contain or will soon contain special amino acids called branched chain amino acids or BCAA’s and electrolytes all of which could be great for Lindsay Lohan who is trying to rehabilitate herself and regain her health.

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