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VPX/Redline® Ultimate Sports Expo

Posted by VPX Sports on Mar 11, 2010 5:49:00 PM

VPX Sport / REDLINE - Ultimate Sports ExpoIf you're following VPX or some of my recent blogs posts, you may have read a very concise article on my Facebook wall in regard to why VPX didn't attend this year's Arnold Expo and Classic with a booth. Here is a follow up related post: To answer the many questions and rumors from this past weekend -- yes, VPX/Redline is going to do a massive Sports and Fitness Expo right here in South Florida that is vendor, business, sales and consumer friendly. We are now forming the committee of heavy hitters to make this event rock! Many athletes, fitness models, sports figures and celebrities have already expressed interest in this show - a show and expo that is like no other in the world! We believe that trade show vendors, competitors, athletes, models et al will welcome an opportunity to do business in a tri-county area with millions of affluent people who have to look good because the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale heat dictates that we wear very little clothes here! "Golden brown and muscle bound -- pecs, quads and abs astound! Sun, sand, surf and skin -drink your protein not your gin!" Yeah I said that! LOL South Floridians are into looking good all year long-we have no "off season"! In fact, it was 74 degrees in sunny Ft. Lauderdale today. Supplements, fitness magazines, protein drinks and muscle building concoctions are the rage in South Florida. There's a reason supplement giants, Europa, Lone Star, Bodybuilding.com, Nutrex, BSN and VPX/Redline all reside in Florida - All of Florida rocks and better yet, South Florida kicks serious a**! The only thing we need to make this the craziest, wildest and biggest body banging show is YOU! There is a reason that this show will open the doors to vendors like Nike®, Adidas®, Reebok®, Under Armor®, Starter® and others. From science seminars to slam dunks - the VPX/Redline® Ultimate Sports Expo is coming soon! Gear up playas!

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