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VPX/Redline rolling into the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Fitness Expo

Posted by VPX Sports on Mar 4, 2010 10:30:00 AM

 VPX will not be in attendance at the 2010 Arnold Sports Festival
Question Mr. Jack Owoc, "Why isn't VPX/Redline rolling into the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Fitness Expo this weekend with its usual entourage of 75 fitness professionals?"
The vendors need a new and preferably more affluent demographic to market to. They need to move the Arnold to the North East or a big city within easy proximity of millions of NEW and fresh consumers like Chicago. VPX/Redline spends in excess of $350,000 every year to bring a crew of 75 fitness personnel to serve at the Arnold and give out 50,000 bags with 5 samples and a magazine – that's 300,000 freebees plus the biggest custom made bag – all for the consumer to have a great fitness experience. Team VPX/Redline humbly and graciously works our butts off for the muscle building community! After the Arnold Schwarzenegger promoters told VPX/Redline that we couldn't have our big booth unless we sponsored the show for another $30,000, we declined their offer and gracefully said, "No thanks"! Consequently, because of greed, the Columbus economy loses $350,000 and the Arnold Schwarzenegger Expo attendees lose the dedicated attention of 75 trained bodybuilding and fitness professionals and 300,000 free samples.

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